3 Expert Suggestions to Remember When Shipping Fragile and Expensive Items


The internet has changed the way customers use to shop for products. Days are gone when web-based
sales were solely associated with small ticket items, such as clothing, everyday items, books, and more.
Today, customers are increasingly buying large, heavy, and more expensive products through the
However, brands that sell heavy items such as home furnishings, furniture, electronics, etc., know how
challenging it is to ship these products safely to their customers. Delivering these products is entirely
different from small items as you cannot simply knock on your customer’s door and leave it at their
doorstep since these products are heavy and can’t be easily lifted.
However, when customers long for a world-class, you cannot afford to leave heavy products at their
doorstep. You have to deliver these products directly into their homes, so your customers won’t have to
do the heavy lifting.
The same is the case with fragile and expensive items. Not only do manufacturers have to protect them
during the storage and transportation process, but they also have to ensure that these items are
delivered on time to the end-users. But these are just a few of many challenges that fragile and
expensive product retailers have to face.
To help them safely deliver delicate products, we have created a list of expert suggestions:

  1. Use High-Quality Custom Rigid Packaging
    No matter whatever you are shipping, make sure your customers get it damage-free. This is particularly
    important when you deliver fragile and expensive products as it is more costly and difficult for
    customers to ship them back.
    Choosing custom rigid packaging allows you to keep the contents safe during every step of the delivery
    process, from warehouse to retail outlet and finally to the customers’ abode. The custom rigid boxes
    are made of robust materials that successfully repels the external pressures. These containers are
    specifically designed to hold your products still.
    All in all, it’s crucial for fragile items that you pick custom rigid packaging to encase them because they
    are sturdy enough to resist any wear and tear during transit.
  2. Do Not Make Costly Mistakes When Starting Out
    Producing delicate and expensive products is already costly for brands and companies. For this reason,
    you should evade making any silly and costly mistakes that will cost your brand a fortune down the line.
    For instance, prior to engaging a carrier, make sure to get all the necessary information you need to
    send your products. This includes ensuring that the weight and size of your packages are accurately
    recorded. Also, the customer information should be correct so they can get their purchase on time.
  3. Be Sure to Choose the Right Shipping Carrier
    Choosing an ideal shipping carrier doesn’t mean you should go with the one that offers the cheapest
    rates. For instance, some carriers have weight and size restrictions that don’t work for everyone.

Mind you, the carrier you will pick to deliver the products will affect every aspect of the shipping
experience, from how expensive they’ll prove for your organization, how much you need to charge the
end customer, the speed of shipping, and more. So, before you finalize a courier company, be sure to
find the one that best meets your company’s needs.
With consumers buying expensive and fragile products more than ever before, it has become essential
for businesses to think a hundred times before making a move, whether it’s packaging, carrier, or
evading minute details. With some research, you can drastically transform your business’s delivery
method and reduce the overall costs. All it requires is knowing what works for your company and what


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