Add some sparkle to your look with ethnic and contemporary jewellery


Indian jewellery has long been a source of fascination for the fashion world, with intricate designs and traditional symbolism catching the eye of buyers and influencers alike. Ethnic jewellery has become lighter and easier to carry while not compromising on style. Contemporary jewellery also comes in so many avatars, combining traditional designs and techniques with modern influences to create stunning, innovative pieces

Whether opting for ancient symbolism or cutting edge fashion, both ethnic and contemporary jewellery allow for self expression and highlight personal style. So go ahead, adorn yourself with a statement piece that speaks to your individual identity.

Ethnic Jewellery

The vibrant colours and materials used in ethnic Indian jewellery often reflect the rich cultural heritage of the country, with motifs such as peacocks, elephants, and lotus flowers symbolising prosperity, wisdom, and purity. Whether seeking statement earrings or a delicate ankle bracelet, Indian jewellery offers endless options for adding a touch of exotic glamour to any outfit. From elegant bangles to dazzling necklaces, these pieces blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style that is sure to turn heads. 

For example, Kundan haathphools are a must for any future bride and designers provide for this unique tradition with a touch of contemporary fashion. Bright Jhumkas and heavy stone-studded necklaces are most suited with ethnic attire like sarees and kurtas. Bracelets and bangles are perfect accessories for traditional occasions.

So why not add a bit of cultural flair to your jewellery collection with some stunning ethnic Indian pieces? 

Contemporary Jewellery

From delicate filigree earrings to bold statement necklaces, these pieces make a statement wherever they go. The use of vibrant gemstones and precious metals adds an opulent touch, while blending old and new techniques results in unique textures and patterns. Whether worn for special occasions or every day, contemporary Indian jewellery adds a touch of luxury and cultural heritage to any outfit. Hoops and dangler earrings add to the delicate feminine touch of a woman. 

Ear cuffs and Swarovski earrings can define the connoisseur of fashion and give the final glitter of finishing to a costume, no matter traditional or drastically unconventional and creative. Right from rose to metallic hues, there are ornaments and jewelleries to fit every taste and age group. Multicoloured earring goes best with a vibrant bandhani or remains versatile enough to be used on multiple occasions with costumes of multiple types. 

Contemporary Indian jewellery truly has it all – elegant design, cultural richness, and ethical production – making it a must-have addition to any jewellery collection.

Plenty of Options to Choose From

There are plenty of options in both the uncomplicated fashion and dressing sense of college students and the regal style of working women. There are jewellery and accessories to bring out every woman’s uniqueness and self-expression and to go with every dressing style. 

Multi-designer platforms like Nyka Luxe, Ajio Luxe, Tata Cliq Luxe, Aza, Ogaan, and Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop will provide you with a plethora of choices of superior make. Unique masterpieces from Nepra By Neha Goel, Zerokaata, Vastra, Just Shraddha, and Auraa Trends will surely have you dressed to impress.


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