Advantages of using holographic stickers on products

holographic stickers

There are remarkable developments in the fields of visual art and technology. The holography technique is one such example, using which a person can create three-dimensional images. It superimposes one wavefront with another, resulting in an interfering image. This technology is used in many things, such as custom hologram stickers.

People use holographic stickers to make their products stand out, protect the products, and identify the packaging. A holographic sticker is usually visible from far distances, making it a great way to attract customers. Hence many manufacturers use them on their products to catch attention. Holographic prints are also used in wrapping gifts, lamination, custom stickers, comics, paintings, and packaging. 

The following points will help you understand all the benefits of using custom hologram stickers:

Protects the products

There have been countless instances where counterfeiters steal the products from shopping complexes, supply chain halts, shops, manufacturers, etc. People also copy the style of packaging and prints that are subject to copyright. Thus, manufacturers have started using custom stickers that have trackable information in them to avoid such situations. These stickers are like the marks of identification.

It helps maintain security.

The primary benefit of using hologram stickers is that they can contain information that can help a person identify the brand, the manufacturer, and other information on it. It helps the product quickly pass through authentication tests, trackers, and investigators. Hence, it is a great way to enhance the genuineness and security of the products. People also use this technology to add a unique serial number to their products; these help ensure the product’s originality at every level of the inspection process.

To control and track the product.

A holographic sticker can be used on the products to ensure that no one uses them for illegitimate purposes. These stickers can contain information like unique numbers and disclaimers and secure web interfaces that restrict people from ordering excessive quantities to make their profits. It ensures the legitimate and authorised shipments of products; this is why manufacturers are using holographic prints to keep their products safe. It has become such an essential marker for legitimacy that when there is a product in a market without a hologram sticker, people tend to consider that product as unauthorised. 

Hologram prints started getting popular among manufacturers after the1980s. However, with growing technology, people are finding more unique ways to incorporate holography into their products. 

There are many other features of holographic stickers that make them the most cost-effective and best option for manufacturers to use on their products for identification and security. The following are some of these significant features:

  • As normal stickers, these stickers also have self-adhesion.
  • These stickers are visible from far distances.
  • One of the most important factors is that these stickers can’t be duplicated.
  • You cannot tamper with these stickers and the information on them.
  • The colours are vibrant.
  • You can experiment with different designs and colours.
  • Acrylic adhesive is used on these stickers to stick on any surface. 
  • You can fix the resolution as per the requirements. 

People use holographic techniques on products for identification and create unique artworks using this technique. For example, Salvador Dali, a renowned surrealist artist, used this technique to make artworks. Similarly, many people use this technique for data storage, microscopy, sensors, etc. You can also experiment with this technology. However, if you want to purchase custom hologram stickers, you can find them online.


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