British Airways Latest COVID-19 Policy And Updates


As we all know that the United Kingdom is the hardest hit of the second wave of the COVID-19. Not only the cases are still increasing but it has yet again completely shut down the whole country. That’s why the government has come forth with the latest COVID-19 policies in the whole country. British Airways is no exception as it is the flagship carrier of the country. Keep on reading to find out the latest coronavirus updates and the policies that the airways have regulated.

The Latest Policies and Regulation Regarding COVID-19

British Airways has declared that it will direct traveler COVID-19 tests to demonstrate that Britain’s isolate strategy ought to be lifted.Currently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, some foreign travelers arriving in the country have to self-isolate for 14 days. British Airways reported that it trusts the information will show that a solitary test 72 hours before the flight is vigorous enough to mean they won’t need to.

The Chief Executive says it’s not enough for air travel to go back to 2019 levels. It doesn’t quite work. Without a pre-flight test system, we will be locked into a start-stop cycle where consumers are not sure what the rules of the game are and will not be able to travel with confidence.

Chief Executive’s Thoughts

Sean Doyle who is the Chief Executive of the Airline said there had been very minimal reports of transmission on commercial air travel and stressed air travel was safe. It also claims that the UK is lagging behind as countries like Germany are adopting tests to replace quarantine measures. Mr. Doyle says BA will test a voluntary test system in partnership with American Airlines, involving hundreds of people on selected routes from the US to Heathrow.

Travelers will be tried three days before takeoff, just as upon landing in West London Airport and after three days.The trial has already begun on 25th November for flights from New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas – and other airlines will potentially join the program in the coming weeks – and British Airways said it would share the project’s results with the UK and US governments. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps set up a task force last month to develop methods to shorten the two-week self-isolation period through a test and release regime that would still require a self-isolation period of at least one week.

What About Vaccine?

The Chief Executive of British Airways said that the recent great news about potential coronavirus vaccines should not prevent us from addressing the issues that we need to address now.We have the availability of testing in a way that does not actually take away from testing providers,” he said. We have facilities set up at Heathrow. So, the solution looks us right in the face.

Changes to the government’s quarantine-exempt destinations list are typically announced just 35 hours before the new law comes into effect.Overseas flights are vital to British Airways’ prosperity. Before the pandemic, American Airlinesand British Airways worked up to more than a hundred flights every week from London to New York, yet that number had dropped to only 14.


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