Can an eCommerce SEO Company Get You More Customers?


The primary reason why anyone would want to invest in SEO is to achieve higher positions in the Google search results, in hopes of driving more traffic. So if handled correctly, an SEO campaign can certainly get you more customers, but it’s important to make sure that the company that is handling your optimizations performs them the right way. Not all SEO services are the same. 

A professional eCommerce SEO company that has a proven ranking strategy will be able to help you finally climb the search results pages and get the traffic you have been looking for. You might be under the impression that you can handle SEO yourself or that any agency will do the trick, but the reality is that in the ever-shifting landscape of eCommerce and due to the complexities of SEO, you absolutely need the a quality agency at your side in order to get the kind of results you want. 

What to Look For in an eCommerce SEO Company

First of all, you want an agency that has a history of getting real results for clients. The agency you select should have a robust case study section or portfolio area of their website where you can view the results that they have gotten for clients. They should also be open to speaking with you about expectations. A proven agency will avoid buzz phrases and outlandish claims. SEO takes time and patience, and the agency in question should reflect this sentiment. 

Another thing you want to look for is that the eCommerce SEO company you choose will address all aspects of the SEO process. From technical adjustments to backlinks to content creation and more. If they are comfortable with letting you do any of the work or making excuses as to why they don’t perform certain key SEO tasks, this isn’t the agency for you. 

When it comes to eCommerce SEO, you can’t approach it lightly. All of your bases need to be covered, otherwise there is a good chance that you will not be able to generate any results. Fighting for page one rankings isn’t going to get any easier – every year Google comes out with new technical benchmarks that define what a quality site should look like and how it should cater to the user. This means that every passing month it becomes more difficult to rank in Google using the same old methods. If your agency isn’t cutting-edge, they aren’t going to be able to get the job done, end of story. 

The Right eCommerce Company For Your SEO Campaign

Have you taken a look at Genius eCommerce®? This eCommerce-focused digital marketing agency has a proven method for ranking online stores and getting them more traffic. If you have struggled to make any headway with SEO in the past and you want to get more customers coming into your online store, there is no better company to help you out than Genius eCommerce®. 

What makes them so different as an eCommerce SEO company? Perhaps it’s the way they approach SEO. Their team understands the value of keyword research and diligence when it comes to the strategy aspect of SEO. They spend time working on a specific keyword strategy and then develop content around those keywords, on a day to day basis that leaves other SEOs in the dust. Not only do they help make adjustments to your website, they also write content for your blog and content for backlinks as well. They take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry about handling any aspect of SEO yourself. 


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