children of technology


I just found out that my daughter is in 7th grade now, and that’s a big deal. She’s now in her own world. We now spend time with her at every opportunity, which can be frustrating, but I’m excited to see her learning and grow. I’m looking forward to having a life with her once she’s out of high school.

My daughter is the poster child for the “tech generation,” and I’m glad for her. The fact that she is in 7th grade has a lot to do with the fact that she’s still a kid and still learning. She is also part of the generation that has been exposed to a wide range of technology. Whether she’s talking on a phone, going on the internet, playing video games, or learning to drive, she is all of these things.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I know I will be. My daughter is one of the most tech savvy kids I know, and I know she is also the one that is most likely to drop a phone in the bathtub and not realize what happened. You can’t do anything to stop a teenager from using their phones. It’s really that simple.

It’s also really important to realize that while technology is so ubiquitous for children that it is almost impossible to keep them from using their phones, not all parents are on board with the idea that their children will be spending a lot of time on computers and playing games.

So what do you do? The only thing you can really do is warn your kids. I had a conversation with my daughter a few days ago about how she had just found out that her friend’s boyfriend was cheating (she had a lot of friends over for a sleepover). She decided to take her dad to the hospital because she didn’t want to get in trouble from her friends. And then she called him at his house and talked to him about the phone.

A lot of parents have a difficult time dealing with this kind of situation. But I think the biggest mistake most parents make is not understanding what technology is doing to their kids. Technology, like any other tool, is only useful if it serves a purpose. But the most important purpose is to encourage kids to think critically about the world around them. If something isn’t useful, it shouldn’t be used because it might be too dangerous.

Technology is also a tool for people with an agenda. And this one is no exception. When I was a kid, I watched a lot of tv. That was my first exposure to technology. I remember my mother explaining to me the dangers of computers and other electronic devices, and the importance of being aware of what we were doing.

This is a great point. Most computer users don’t know because they’ve never thought to question whether or not the machine they’re using is safe. We know this is a bad thing, because we see it in our personal lives. We are so accustomed to using them as tools, that it takes little effort to convince us to question them too.

This is why the problem of kids being exposed to technology, often before they even know they need to know, is so difficult to fix. Parents, teachers, and school administrators all have a responsibility to be aware of what technology they are using and the risks they pose to children. I think it is a shame that so many adults think they need to be more vigilant about using technology, because the truth of the matter is that they do.


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