coastal carolina business school


I am a graduate of Coastal Carolina Business School. I have a business degree from Clemson University, an MBA from the University of South Carolina, and a PHD from UNC-Chapel Hill. I have been a business owner for the past 15 years. I spend most of my time traveling the Southeast coast as much as I can and meeting with business owners.

When I’m in the South, I like to have a good time and enjoy some of the small things that I never get to see at home. I love to go on a boat tour with my brother and his wife. We’ve been on several trips over the years and it is one of the best things I have done. I love to take my camera and take pictures of the sights and sounds of these beautiful coastal areas.

When I say small things, I mean its a small business with a small staff. We have about 20 employees and we do everything from real estate sales and property management to event planning. We have one of the best events planners in the south and I have been to a couple of business school events on the coast and have had a lot of fun.

Its great to get out of the city and take pictures of what you see around you. The best thing is that I can go back and take pictures again, so its a fun way to see the whole state.

I went to college in Coastal Carolina and it was such a great experience. The people are wonderful and the school is so diverse. I would highly recommend Coastal Carolina for business school if you get out there.

Coastal Carolina Business School in North Carolina is a great school for business. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get a taste of what its like to live in the beach town of North Carolina. It’s such an exciting, fun, and fast paced place.

I know to some people the beach town of North Carolina is the home of “beach weddings”, but its far from that. There are lots of places to have those “beach weddings” in North Carolina. The biggest one of them is in the town of Myrtle Beach.

The town itself is beautiful and full of things to do. It’s a very small town, but its small enough that it doesn’t feel cramped. But it is located at the beach, and it is also close to the ocean. To go back to what I was talking about earlier, you can go to any beach in North Carolina and find a nice quiet spot, but there are also plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy as well.

The town is situated in the middle of a large saltwater bay. This makes the town water look green, and there is a lot of salt in the air. To add to this, there are also lots of beautiful, sandy beaches to enjoy. One of the best places to enjoy all of this salt and sand is at the beach itself. This is a very small seaside town in the middle of a large bay, so there are lots of small, intimate places to enjoy.

Coastal Carolina is a beautiful state in the Carolinas, but it is also a state full of small towns. It is often overlooked in comparison to other states, so small towns are very important to this state. The town of Charleston is a very small town situated in the middle of a large waterway, and it has a lot of local businesses. This is because the town is very small and very diverse. Charleston is a hub for the tourism industry in the region.


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