Composite Doors VS Solid Wood Doors: What Should You Choose?


Nicely made and finished solid wood doors provide a classy look for homes. This traditional look has been relevant for years and surely adds value to the property. On the other hand, recently, we have seen a lot of homeowners choosing the traditional composite doors rather than the traditional wooden doors. Both the doors come with their benefits and drawbacks, and if you’re about to get your front door changed, it’s best that you take a look at this guide to compare both the great options before you finalise your decision. 

Maintenance And Cost

When we consider a solid wood door, the initial cost can be slightly less as compared to a composite door. Composite doors are made of strong and refined materials and therefore, are expensive. However, the cost of ongoing maintenance with the solid wood doors is probably more, because this door tends to bow down and warp when exposed to changing weathers, whereas the composite door remains strong throughout. 

Moreover, solid wood doors require a lot of efforts in cleaning. They need this cleaning if you want them to remain in their best shape and colour. Wooden doors generally start peeling, warping, swelling or losing their original shape in some time. Therefore, if you’re against the idea of constantly spending money on maintenance, you should log on to Door Centre and get yourself a good-quality composite door. 

Life Expectancy

Solid wood doors may look amazing and elegant, but their life expectancy depends on the changing weather conditions, and the type of wood used to create them. In some areas where it rains very frequently, and the winters are harsh, these wooden doors are very hard to maintain. Generally, these doors can stand strong for 20-30 years, provided that they are properly and regularly maintained. Repaint and other important things should be done after every 2-3 years. Conversely, the composite doors are said to last for more than 35 years. You will only have to take care of oiling the hinges and moving parts for your door to keep performing at its very best for a long time. 


When it comes to thermal and noise insulation, there’s no clear winner in this regard. Both the doors do really well in providing thermal and noise protection. That being said, composite doors are able to maintain their insulation abilities over a longer period of time as compared to their counterparts because wooden doors lose their strength and shape over time if not maintained properly. 


When we consider the matter of security, we only want the best thing, as there really is no compromise in this regard. Thankfully, both composite and wooden doors perform well in providing security. They cannot be brought down with a kick if they are fitted with the right locks, made with the best equipment and mounted on a strong frame. However, it should be noted that a wooden door will slowly become less secure when it starts to swell and bow if not maintained properly. Changing weather conditions can have a toll on even the best-made wooden doors. If this happens, these doors can be brought down, making the home completely insecure. With composite doors, this will never happen. 

Choices of Style

Fortunately, the door market is filled with a huge array of both composite and solid wood doors. These doors can be found in almost any colour you can think of. Also, if you’re of the view that the original handcrafted solid wood door’s appearance cannot be imitated, you might be wrong because, at Door Centre, our composite doors offer the extra option of wood grain texture and brilliant finishing. 

With solid wooden doors, homeowners have the option to change the colour of their door after every 2-3 years when the door needs maintenance. On the other hand, repainting a composite door can be a very challenging task. This is because the material this door is made with does not need repainting, nor does it paint fades. 

The Make Of Composite Doors

Composite doors are relatively new as compared to the solid wooden doors. These doors were made with the purpose of addressing some issues the homeowners were having with wooden doors like colour fade, doors bowing down and consequently security problems. Composite doors are designed with a plethora of different elements; using a solid timber sub-frame. This frame is filled with high-density foam that makes it super strong. Later, this is overlaid with a glass-reinforced polymer.


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