For the tenth edition of the competition this year, over half a million people voted for their best European destinations. This is your 2019 ranking of the most fashionable destinations in Europe.

You will be spoiled for your choice whether you are looking forward to a city break, a romantic getaway, a family or beach vacation, a cultural or gastronomic excursion, on your own or with friends. Will you need more inspiration? Discover tens of themes, including Europe’s most stunning beaches and Christmas markets.

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1. Budapest, Hungary

Thousands of you worldwide have agreed to make Budapest the best destination in Europe in 2019. Your travel bucket list includes the capital of Hungary No.1.

It provides a rare mix of culture, flowering gastronomy and the advantages of thermal waters and world heritage sights, and a splendid architectural and historical heritage. the city setting. The Danube Perle is not only the best European destination, but it is also one of the world’s safest and most beautiful cities. The beauty of Porto, the peaceful way of life of Stockholm, provides the sophistication of Paris and Vienna’s architectural heritage.

Join the lovers of Budapest and book your budget air flight and vacation, and enjoy your stay in the best location in Europe, like a Danube Cruise or visit Buda Castle or an alternative Budapest tour of Buda and Pest. A word of advice: if you post all pictures you are taking, your Instagram account is in danger of blowing up!

2. Braga, Portugal

For thousands of years, Braga has drawn tourists from around the world. It’s sparkling, charming, and full of life in Braga (1 hour by train from Porto). In a friendly and warm atmosphere, the city offers the best of Portugal.

Stroll through the shopping streets of its Gothic Cathedral and marvel at the elegance. Take a romantic break or stroll to the top Bom Jesus do Monte in the Santa Barbara Garden. For Braga and its people, even the sky does not seem to be a limit. The sanction of Our Lady of Sameiro is beautiful and inspiring, whether you are a believer or not.

Shopaholic? Shopaholic? No issue, with a mix from conventional shops, young design shops, and shopping malls, Braga offering a unique experience. Would you like to move, dance, laugh, and exchange insightful moments? All year round, Braga offers high-quality activities. What else? Braga is Europe’s largest white night with dozens of concerts on the street. For those who want new trends and experiences, Braga is built to make lovers, explorers, foodies, people in history, and others. Open your eyes, everything around you is beautiful!

3. Monte Isola, Italy

Monte Isola is probably one of Italy’s most beautiful places. Monte Isola, located in Iseo Lake, a few km2 away from Milan, offers Lombardy’s best. In the center of a beautiful lake, this big mountain is paradise on earth. Monte Isola has long banned cars and received the European Commission for the commitment of the European Commission to sustainable tourism and maintaining local production with the “EDEN – European Destination of Excellence”

It inspired great artists like Cristo who chose the island for one of his most impressive artistic facilities and is a seductor for travelers all over the world. Monte Isola seduces families, enthusiasts, walkers, people who want to relax, feel authentic, respect for nature and human warmth. Local handicraft, fishing nets, local products, such as salami, fish olives, wild asparagus, sun-dried olive oil, fresh tomatoes, arugula or chubs, and perch trees. Also for gourmets, Monte Isola is a paradise. It’s seductive, sparkling, incomparable, like the wines of Franciacorta.

4. Metz, France

Metz is the place to go if You want to discover one of France’s trendiest destinations! This city attracts international artists and travelers. For years young designers, investors, start-ups have established themselves in Metz. Major cultural institutions such as the Pompidou Center and famous designers such as Philippe Starck chose to start their urban projects.

Metz is the perfect town for a short break in the northeast and only 82 minutes by train from Paris. Its combined shopping streets and river walks make it perfect for those seeking fun and relaxation, for pedestrians and cyclists. Family-friendly parks, gardens, and lively terraces, cafes, and bars all form part of the city’s lifestyle. Easy to find good quality food. For every budget, the Covered Market, pastry shops managed by prize winning chefs, and many restaurants serve local and international delights.


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