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This two storey apartment was my home for 10 years. It has been my home for 10 years. I have never had to do anything more than make myself happy, even when I needed to, and I have always made sure to do something when I came home from school.

At least three of my tenants have passed on, and I haven’t made it home to see the last of them. So when I called to see if I could maybe help you find something for your apartment, I assumed my only job was to let you think things were okay.

Well, I guess that’s not actually your only job. So, instead of being a professional landlord, I have a different job. I’m a professional landlord. Actually, it’s more like a professional apartment manager. I keep track of every apartment and every tenant, and, well, if you can’t find an apartment within a certain time period, I just take over. You would think that a professional landlord would know about these things, but no.


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