In 2021 to swim, dive and unwind under the sun Best places to visit Mauritius


Get the best of the sun and picturesque views of the ocean over these exotic beaches and free attractions in Mauritius packages. Here is the list of Mauritius’ most fascinating places, an epitome of heaven on earth!

1. Trou Aux Biches

Trou Aux Biches should be the first place to visit Mauritius for those who enjoy snorkeling and swimming. This is a perfect spot for a beach picnic with family and friends, with soft sands shelving calms, shallow and clear water. Hog at various coastal stalls and cafes if you want street food. Here you can try a range of cuisines. It is one of the highlights of Mauritius’ interest.

2. Belle Mare Plage

The beach in Mauritius is a fine choice for early risers to enjoy the sunrise. Take a dip in the sun, and you’d be able to add Belle Mare Plage to the list of must-visit attractions in Mauritius. In the currents that are slightly stronger than other Mauritania beaches, experienced swimmers will enjoy swimming.

3. Ile Aux Cerfs

Worldwide travellers visit Mauritius’ Ile Aux Cerfs beach to have time with friends and people. It can be fun when sand and sun make a nice combo for you, normally jam-packed during a weekend. Pleasant and soothing, there are some stunning lagoons in Mauritius among the coolest places to visit.

Travelers from around the world come to Mauritius’ Ile Aux Cerfs Beach to spend time with friends and people. It could be fun when you’re in a decent combo, usually jam-packed over the weekend. A comfortable and relaxing one of Mauritius’ coolest spots, there are also beautiful lagoons.

4. Pereybere

The beach of Pereybere is popular with tourists. Keep it in the list of places to see if you like deep-sea diving and snorkeling among all the tourist places in Mauritius. Though the water is deep on the island, it is nicely calm compared with other beaches.

5. La Cambuse

In reality, if the adventurous sports pump your adrenaline, you can’t be confused about which tourists to choose from in Mauritius. As a must-visit, hold La Cambuse beach. Located east of the airport, it is considered one of the undiscovered spots in Mauritius. The white sand and the clear water can definitely make you dip, but be careful, as they might be deceptive.

6. Le Morne

The beach of Le Morne is one of the best locations for those who enjoy water sports in southern Mauritius. It is a great place to swim, sponsored by Le Morne Mountain. But you have to be mindful of the numerous events that are taking place in Mauritius.

7. Ilot Gabriel Beach

The Ilot Gabriel Strand is one of the unexplored beaches that not many people are aware of, situated at the exotic location on Gabriel Island, 20 kilometres down the north coast of Mauritius. You can simply charter a boat to visit this island if you fly from Grand Bay. The picturesque beauty of sunrise and sunset are the best thing to visit this beach. It does not only establish a truly romantic atmosphere, it also provides you with peace and tranquilly that you would certainly not get otherwise. This is one of Mauritius’ most famous locations.

8. Chamarel Coloured Earth

Have you ever visited Mauritius if you were in Mauritius and were not here? To visit the Chamarel coloured earth for you is a must if you want to see anything from outside of this planet. This spectacular attraction has become famous over time because it consists of seven different colours of sand that will most likely make you confused and surprised at the same time. The colours are not very prominent because of Mauritius’ tropical climate, but you can see a marked difference by mixing coloured earth. You note that red, black, lilac and cyan are the predominant colours. This is also one of the best locations for honeymoons in Mauritius. This is also one of the best locations for honeymoons in Mauritius.

9. La Cuvette Beach

La Cuvette Beach in Port Louis is one of the most beautiful places to visit Mauritius. It is one of the most visited beaches in Mauritius. The best part of the beach is the huge array of spectacular views of Grand Bay. It is a wonderful place to relax and spend a wonderful time alone with family or friends.


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