Revamp your wardrobe with Bundi jackets and designer casual shirts


Evenings out with friends during the festive season call for something casual and fashionable. Bundi jackets for men add a touch of casual elegance to designer shirts. Designer casual shirts are an added layer under the Bundi jackets because they remind a fashion conscious man that fashion can be something casual that can be practised on any occasion. 

Bundi jackets have several variations

Yellow Bundi jackets and white kurtas or shirts define the festive feel. Especially on the occasions of a friend’s Haldi ceremony, these become crucial and need to be worn with a variety of accessories. The maroon Bundi jacket looks vibrant and attracts all eyeballs on any occasion. The grey patterned and knitted Bundi jackets are so casual and comfortable in hot weather, and exude a feeling of calm and comfort. 

The Bundi jacket in silk fabrics gives a regal look during any family occasion and gathering. The light colour silk bundi jackets look very playful and suit fashionable men of all age groups. With silver accessories, they exude the feel of simplicity. The cherry blossom tri colour bundi jackets reach the next level of funny but happy and playful looks blended with the elegance of fashion. 

Designer casual shirt for men redefines comfortable fashion

A designer casual shirt is a great way to look luxurious and be comfortable at the same time. Mundu cotton white shirts with pink lines and playful mood define the true outdoor type fashion. White and cotton go so well together that they can blend with any festive look and accessories. Black and red casual shirts are fit for any party and look particularly amazing with matching sunglasses, wrist watches, and accessories. 

Light yellow and mehendi green in linen are great ways to exude homely looks for any evening when men spend quality time with their families. They are simple, happy, and comfortable colours. Linen shirts and shorts are great for playing with kids, relaxing with your loved ones, or a casual evening out with friends.

You can find excellent fabrics that are breathable and good for every skin type. Jackets and shirts come in a variety of quality fabrics in affordable ranges. The fabrics are the best way to express mood in a subtle fashion. Silk is festive and regal, while cotton fabric is modest and earnest. The linen is famous for its homely wrinkles which do not go away with ease. 

You have enough choices to choose from and experiment with from labels like Wendell Rodricks, Shivan & Narresh, etc. They’re sure to leave you wanting more!


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