Manali is a location that captivates every traveler, snuggling in the beauty of its mountains. A place is a place for lunchtime fans and explorers. Things to do in Manali deliver a full holiday and the magical and mysterious feeling of the place you’ll simply fall in love with.

Manali appears as if it were heaven on earth from ancient temples to untouched lakes and from snow-capped mountain peaks to waterfalls. You must visit the place to sense surreal beauty. The beauty of Manali cannot be represented by words.

If you intend to visit Manali amazingly, then here is a list of things to do in Manali.

Things that can be done in Manali include cascades and nature, food and shopping, Adventures and more, Temples and tourist sites, Manali resort.

Summer is the perfect time to experience a lot of adventure. Through trying out stuff that is fun and exciting, you’ll feel a great adrenalin rush.

A high level will be your sports and adventure in the Solang Valley. You will experience anything from zorbing to paragliding, trekking, and mountain biking.

In the season, you can also take a jeep safari adventure. The atmosphere in Manali is perfect to explore various sites. Riding is also enjoyable, with your friends and family you can have a great time. Sunbathing in the summer adventure is a nice time.

Temples and Tourist Places

Since Manali is the home of numerous temples and religious sites, visiting the famous temples close to Manali will start your visit. Visit the temple of the Hidimba Devi devoted to the Hidimba Goddess.

The temple’s position is quiet and calm, here you will enjoy peace. Go to the temple of Manu, which is famous once again. To get an insight into the site visit the famous Monasteries near Manali.

When you visit Manali, a visit to the Rohtang Pass is a must. It provides great panoramic views and adventure experiences from the Himalayas. Rohtang Pass is a complete delight for your adventure.

Food and Shopping

Manali is renowned for his walking adventures and by enjoying these activities you will have a wonderful time with your family and friends. Choose to hike and visit places to explore new excitement in Manali.

Paragliding, zorbing, and climbing can also be attempted. Manali is considered to be camping on the lake for its night. A camping night tour will allow you to rejuvenate and relax if you visit the place with your groups of friends.

You can also try river rafting with various water currents in Manali. The experience will definitely make you happy, in Manali, stuff to do.

Manali is also popular for its food and shopping. You should travel to Manali to taste the genuine delicacies of the Himalayas. You should visit Mall Road if you’re a foodie.

Have excellent local dishes or you can also visit the Mall’s restaurants. Shopping on the Mall Road is fun as you can pick up great souvenirs and stuff. In Manali markets it is possible to buy fantastic crafts and wools.

Waterfalls and Nature

City life is monotonous and you are completely relaxed by the break from city life. You have to live in the glory of nature for some time. If you love nature, you can relax and enjoy the beauty of the mountains and valleys in Manali. You can visit the numerous lakes on the spot for a good time too.

A popular tourist destination to visit is Jogini waterfall in Manali. The waterfall cascades make the place more stunning. And the views from the falls are just incredible.

Nature’s treat

Since Manali’s views and mountain beauty are known, it is a delight for all nature lovers. The summer season is perfect for passionate nature lovers and photographers.

In the magical panoramic views, you will experience the majesty of the valleys. As the town of Manali is renowned for its waterfalls and lakes, you can visit these sites for a great time.

Boaters in lakes can also help you relax during the summer season. Photographers also enjoy the perfect locations in Manali. You can take fantastic clicks in the picturesque valleys of Manali, even if you prefer photography.


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