Tips, Benefits, and Types of Acoustic Fencing.


The main objective of acoustic fencing is to stop the entrance of sound in your place whether it is your office, home or any other place. These fences work as insulators and restrict the sounds waves generated from the traffic or your nearby areas, thus offering a peaceful environment to you. Installing this type of fencing is not less than a boon for the homeowners struggling with the problem of noise pollution. Understanding the benefits enjoyed by the installation of these fences nowadays they are not only deployed in homes and offices but also in the hospitals, shopping malls, educational institutions and every place where it is important to retain silence.

It would be important to mention that going through the problem of the increasing noise pollution, nowadays the governments of the different countries have announced different areas of their cities as sound prohibited areas to protect their citizens from different types of health problems. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) the sound levels of more fifty decibels is harmful to a person. Unfortunately, with increasing traffic on the road a person is compelled to survive in the noisy atmosphere while going back to home from the office or anywhere. Due to regular exposure in such an environment, he is caught by various health problems including high blood pressure, hearing problems, diabetes, and more. Interestingly, installation of the fencing helps in protecting the people from such health problems.

The functioning of Acoustic Fencing:

Like the light sound also travels in straight waves, and therefore to stop their flow it is necessary to erect some obstacle in their way. Interestingly, acoustic fencing reflects or refracts the sound waves and either let them move back to their source of origin or move above your place. In short, the fencing reduces the level of sound coming in your house and by minimizing its decibels.

Tips for Installing Acoustic Fencing: 

Installing the fencing to control the entrance of sound in the home or office is an art, and a little mistake in its installation is enough to deprive you from enjoying the peaceful environment you expect in your home or office after its installation. If you are getting these fencings installed then keep the tips mentioned below in concern.

  1. Enough Height: The acoustic fencing reflects or refracts the sound waves according to the material used for developing them. It means there are chances the sound may spread around the area of your place, instead of reflecting back to its source of origin. Thus, moving inside the house or office from any of the weaknesses. It is therefore recommended that the fencing should be installed above the height of your place so that it moves above it and could not enter it.
  1. Don’t Leave Any Gap or Hole between the Fencing: As these fencings are installed in different sheets never let any gap between the two sheets. Because a little hole is enough to let the sound waves move inside your place. Thus make sure no gap is left between the sheets.
  1. Use the Correct Post: The fencing developed from the timber should be erected with the help of steel spur posts with the height up to 4 meters. 
  1. Use of Guaranteed Material: Investing money in the acoustic fencing is a lifetime investment and therefore you should make sure that the material used for developing them is guaranteed. It is better to consult the expert and make sure that the material used is of high-quality and offered with the required warranty.

Benefits of Installing Acoustic Fencing: 

The major benefits enjoyed by installing the acoustic fencing are mentioned below:

  1. As mentioned above, the WHO has regarded the sound level above fifty decibels harmful for human health. The acoustic fencing offers you the sound below thirty decibels and therefore not harmful to your health.
  1. The height of fencing should be above the height of your home or office, and therefore they offer you complete privacy. This means that your house, office, are always safe from the eyes of burglars and your neighbours.
  1. One of the most important benefits of acoustic fencing is its availability in different colours and designs. As a result of this, it helps in enhancing the exterior aesthetics of your house and office. It would be interesting to know that depending upon the exterior looks of your place its supplier fencing will recommend you the best fencing.
  1. Weather Resistant and Low Maintenance: There is a belief among most of the people that this fencing requires specific maintenance and can damage due to changing climatic conditions. Interestingly, it is a myth. They don’t require any specific maintenance and do not spoil due to impacts of water and dust, due to its weather-resistant property.

Types of Acoustic Fencing: 

There are two types of acoustic fencing namely reflective and absorptive fencing. Reflective fencing is the self-explanatory term; it reflects the sound waves and does not let them enter in your place. Absorptive acoustic fencing is suitable for the areas where it’s not possible to install the reflective fencing or reflective fencing is not regarded as suitable to stop the effects of sounds. 

Which Type of Acoustic Fencing is Good for Your Home or Office?

An answer to this question in simple words is that for this you should consult an expert. Because depending upon its architecture an expert will suggest you the best solution to get rid of the noise pollution.


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