What are Ethical Hacking and its types?


Ethical hacking is a widely accepted method of hacking designed to assist, not harm, the owners and users of websites and computer systems. In reality, ethical hackers help businesses be aware of the weaknesses of their security systems to ensure that they can be fixed.

Computers are now a necessity to run successful businesses. It’s not enough to have computers that are isolated. They must be connected to allow for communications with other companies. This puts them at risk to the external world and provides for hacking. Hacking systems involves using computers to carry out fraudulent activities like theft of privacy, fraud and stealing personal data from corporate or private accounts, etc. Cybercrimes cost numerous organizations millions of dollars each year. Businesses must take precautions from such threats.

Different types of Ethical Hacker:

White Hat Hacker:

White Hat Hackers or Ethical hackers have the proper credentials certified and authorized to hack systems. They are cybersecurity experts. They assist businesses by conducting tests on their systems and identifying vulnerabilities, threats, and the presence of malware and viruses.

Black Hat Hackers:

The company doesn’t let the user test the website. The hackers snoop around the website to take information in the administration panel or alter the data. They focus solely on their own personal gains and what they’ll gain from personal information for their financial profit. They harm the company by altering the function, which can result in the business’s demise to a greater degree. This could lead to severe results.

Grey Hat Hackers:

A hacker is between a black hat and an ethical hacker. They hack into computers without authority, intending to discover weaknesses and disclose the shortcomings to the system’s owner.


Ethics hacking can offer numerous opportunities to develop an impressive career. Additionally, a skilled or certified ethical hacker can be an investment for companies in the long haul rather than one who isn’t professionally experienced or knowledgeable about the practices used in ethical hacking. If you want to start your career in Ethical hacking, you should enroll in the Ethical Hacking course.


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