What is QuickBooks POS invalid product number?


QuickBooks POS also referred to as QuickBooks Point of Sale is a customer as well as inventory managing retail point of sale system from Intuit. The QuickBooks POS is a popular choice among millions of small businesses. For accounting and inventory management it is a go-to option. The QuickBooks POS system comes with a barcode reader, payment processing, and return processing features. Incorporating the QuickBooks POS system with your accounting software is completely hassle free.  

Though QuickBooks software stands out in terms of quality, it is also poised to face certain common problems and errors. One of the major errors QuickBooks users that face is the “Invalid Product Number” error. What is this error and why it occurs, this article will provide detailed insight. 


The QuickBooks POS Invalid Product Number error occurs when you are attempting to launch POS or register with it. The error is accompanied by the number 176109, or it may also state that you have an incorrect product code or product number. This error indicates the problem with your product code. However, there are several other reasons also that can result in this error. 

The common reasons for the QuickBooks POS Invalid Product Number are:

  • You are entering the incorrect QuickBooks POS product key. 
  • Some files in your system might get corrupt and may not be able to validate the product code entered by you. 
  • You are logged in on Windows using an account that does not have administrator rights.
  • You are not an administrator of Windows using POS. 

Methods to Solve QuickBooks POS Invalid Product Number

Solution 1: Delete the Contents of the Entitlement Client Folder

If you are assured that your product code is accurate then likely the problem might exist with the Entitlement folder. The files may be either corrupted or missing. To rectify this issue, it is better to delete files to allow QuickBooks to create new ones. Mentioned below are the steps to eliminate the Entitlement Client Folder. 

  1. Close all QuickBooks programs on your computer. 
  2. Click on “Windows + E” to sweep Windows Explorer. 
  3. Entitlement Client Folder contents are hidden by default. To see, hidden files and folders click the View tab and tick the box next to “Hidden Items”. If the box is already ticked, move on to the next steps without any change. 
  4. Now click Windows Explorer and enter the URL in the address bar. Next, click Enter
  5. Click Ctrl +A’ to choose all files in this folder. Press Delete on your keyword and confirm your action to complete the process. 
  6. Resume QuickBooks Point of Sale and finish off the registration again to fix the error. 

Following these steps will automatically generate the folder of Entitlement Client and will solve all issues. 

Solution 2: Modify the WS Activity file Name

  1. Close all QuickBooks programs running on your desktop. 
  2. Click “Windows + E” to sweep Windows Explorer. 
  3. Copy paste the given URL in your Windows address bar: Data-Intuit-QuickBooks Point of Sale XX-Ini. Hit Enter
  4. Locate filename WSActivity and change its name to ‘OLDS ACTIVITY’. Click anywhere to save the action. 
  5. Close the Window and follow the similar steps as per solution 1 for deletion of the Entitlement Client folder once again.
  6. After this, open QuickBooks. Now, a new WSActivity file and a new Entitlement Client Folder will be created. 
  7. To verify whether the problem has been resolved or not, register again with your product code. 

If the problem persists despite the above methods, then you must contact the Intuit support team to check whether you possess a valid product code or not. Nevertheless, one last solution is to uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks desktop POS again. A fresh installation will remove all old, corrupted files and folders. 


If none of the above solutions work, contact the QuickBooks POS Support team for assistance in troubleshooting the problem. The QuickBooks POS invalid product number is a complex error. It will need time and patience to resolve it. So, make sure you follow all steps cautiously to get the expected results. Well, it’s not rocket science anymore. Keep calm and use this article as your guide to resolve error 176109. 


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