What Makes RoMa Craft Cigars Special?


There are plenty of cigar brands on the market to choose from and each one claims to be the best. They claim to have the smoothest tastes, the finest packaging, the best rolls, and every other detail under the sun. But are they actually as great as they make themselves out to be or are they just blowing smoke? To find high-quality products, you need to start by looking at the very beginning. You need to see just how the cigars are being made and what goes into them. From the materials to the workers and even the brand owners. What makes the cigar? Let’s take a closer look at one of these brands and see for ourselves if it holds up to the reputation it’s developed or the success it has had over the years. We’re looking at RoMa Craft cigars

The Company

Before getting into the actual product, let’s discuss the brand behind the cigars first. RoMa Craft Tobac is the boutique company behind several lines of cigars including RoMa Craft CroMagnon, El Catador, Baka, and famously Neanderthal. The small business is known for producing small batches of very high quality cigars, all of which are made by hand. The company focuses on quality over quantity and prides itself on the certain quality of each and every cigar that has the RoMa Craft name on it. 

The Founders

The company’s co-founders, Skip Martin and Mike Rosales were known as expert blenders long before conceiving the idea of the brand. Their passion for all things cigars led them to establish a brand with the mission of creating the highest quality cigars possible, no exceptions. Starting with quality tobacco, passing through the hands of skillful rollers, and finally ending up in premium packaging (yes, even the wrapping is superb), RoMa Craft cigars consistently meet the high standards of their owners. 

The Cigars

RoMa Craft cigars are undoubtedly amazing products. They go beyond quick smokes and into the realm of artisan products made by master cigar makers in Nicaragua. Despite all of this effort for quality, RoMa Craft Toback still somehow manages their pricing so that they are as affordable and accessible as they can be without sacrificing the quality of any of the materials or manufacturing process. The founders of the brand invest heavily in the tobacco, rolls, and time needed to make the cigars and it shows in the final product. The taste of each cigar from each line holds up and provides a great experience for whatever the occasion might be. All of the effort was definitely worthwhile.
We set out to see what makes RoMa Craft cigars special. We wanted to see what sets these cigars apart from the rest and now it’s apparent. From beginning to end, no shortcuts are taken in producing quality. All of these efforts result in the super-premium cigars that we are able to enjoy from sellers like Rocky’s Cigars, which proudly hosts the brand on its website. Take a look for yourself and see just what all the fuss is about.


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