The Basketball Association of Singapore (BAS) and the Rise of Online Basketball Betting

Singapore, a nation known for its technological advancements and diverse cultural landscape, boasts a rich history in the realm of sports, with basketball being a significant part of its sporting tapestry. At the heart of Singapore’s basketball journey lies the Basketball Association of Singapore (BAS), the governing body responsible for nurturing and promoting the sport across the nation. In this article, OKBet will go into the history and significance of BAS, shedding light on its pivotal role in shaping Singapore’s basketball scene, which has even extended its influence to the world of online basketball betting. Explore the evolution of basketball in Singapore and how BAS’s endeavors have made it a beloved sport and a betting favorite among Singaporeans.

Introduction to BAS and its Significance

BAS, short for the Basketball Association of Singapore, is the governing body of basketball in Singapore.

The Singapore National Olympic Council (SNOC) and SportsSG recognize it for its contribution to growing basketball in the nation.

Basketball in Singapore is a widely enjoyed recreational activity, with a substantial number of registered players.

BAS’s Vision and Mission

Vision: BAS aims to develop basketball as the preferred team sport in terms of participation, public interest, and sports excellence.

Mission: BAS seeks to increase participation at all levels, develop basketball into a competitive elite sport, and contribute to the nation’s pride and economy.

Historical Development of BAS

BAS’s origins date back to 1925, when efforts began to promote basketball in local schools.

In 1934, the Singapore Basketball and Volleyball Association was established, marking a significant step in the sport’s development.

Steady growth led to the organization of a basketball championship between Malaysia and Singapore.

In 1939, the Chinese Sports Improvement Council introduced the first instance of BAS.

Challenges and Revival

World War II had a negative impact on basketball’s popularity in Singapore in 1942, but efforts to revive the sport succeeded.

Primary schools started participating in the Singapore Amateur Basketball Association (SABA) in the 1960s.

SABA became a member of the Asian Basketball Association, promoting the sport regionally.

Renaming to Basketball Association of Singapore

In 1967, SABA was renamed the Basketball Association of Singapore, with the Minister of Culture, Mr. Jek Yeun Thong, playing a key role.

BAS worked on improving the standards of the sport by training referees and contributing to global recognition.

Notable Contributions

BAS played a significant role in organizing events like the Merlion International Invitation Competition, which attracted international teams.

In 1990, Singapore hosted the first Asian Women’s Basketball Championship, gaining international recognition.

National Basketball League (NBL)

BAS founded the National Basketball League (NBL), which includes both men’s and women’s divisions.

Notable basketball clubs in the NBL include Siglap Basketball Club, SG Basketball, Xin Hua Sports Club, Hillcrest Grays, and Jumpshot.

Online Basketball Betting

Singapore has a strong interest in basketball, with a substantial player base and organized leagues.

The popularity of basketball in Singapore has also led to the presence of online sports betting sites catering to basketball enthusiasts.

Online gambling in Singapore includes wagering on basketball games, adding to the overall sports betting landscape.


In summary, the Basketball Association of Singapore (BAS) has played a crucial role in the development of basketball in Singapore, leading to a strong basketball culture and even influencing the online sports betting scene in the country, including online basketball betting.

If you are going to bet in BAS, make sure to compare different online casino websites that offer a vast number of basketball leagues on their sportsbooks. This is a way of maximizing your betting experience because you’ll know which bookmaker has the best odds and promotions.

Also, please make sure to enjoy betting in different basketball leagues other than the BAS. Having fun is what it is all about.

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